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You will get more from your photo session with me than amazing headshots.  You will also get an amazing experience.


When you arrive at my studio, we'll take some time to unwind and settle in.  We'll discuss wardrobe selections and go over your goals.

Then, I will coach you in some special tricks that help you look your best in photographs.  I'll be providing feedback, guiding you, and making it all seem natural. 

The purpose of the headshot is to show the world how amazing you are.  With beautiful light, I will guide you so we can together create headshots that combine confidence and approachability.  That show the real you.  That are clean, simple and beautiful.  And we'll have fun!

There is no time limit.  We can do outfit changes, background changes, or mood changes.  Your needs and schedule will be the deciding factor.


After the shoot, we will take a 10-15 minute break.  Then we will  review the images together.  We will go through them in several rounds, getting down to your favorites.


Finally, you may select as many images as you like for me to edit/retouch/finish and deliver.  You are not locked into any number of images because "that's what comes with the package!"  You may order as many or as few as you like.


The session fee is $260.

Each finished image is $40 for both web-optimized and full resolution/printable image files in three crops.

 Headshots are how you introduce yourself to the world.  The quality of your headshot really matters.  The attention to detail shows.

Show the world how how amazing you are. 

Book your session today, or call 203-274-5975 to ask questions, get more details, and discuss your headshots.